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Program Policies and Procedures

Hackett School District Gifted and Talented Education Program

Identification Policy


The screening process for the district’s gifted and talented consists of the following:


  1. Referral

  2. Data Collection

  3. Placement



A student may be referred for services at any time in grades k-12.  Each school year, information regarding how to refer a student for services is announced in the local newspaper and sent via email to district staff. A student may be referred by the following:


1. Parents

2.  Self referral

3.  Teachers and/or administrators

4.  Family members

5.  Any interested person from the community

6.  Counselor

7.  Academic records, test scores, and/or student products


Files of new students are screened by teachers, the counselor, or the GT Coordinator for possible referral and/or placement.



Data will be collected from as many sources as possible and a case study approach will be used when determining a student’s need for services.  Parents are provided information regarding the testing process, including criteria for placement. Before testing begins, a permission to test form must be signed by the parents and returned to the GT coordinator.


Data includes:


  1. Mental abilities assessment

  2. Creativity assessment

  3. Standardized achievement test

  4. Grades and academic records

  5. School rating scales

  6. Home rating scales

  7. Whole group enrichment data

  8. Input from peers

  9. Input from student him/herself



Once all pertinent data has been collected on the student, a placement committee consisting of five educational professionals, chaired by the GT coordinator, reviews the information. Placement decisions are based on evidence of above average ability, creative thinking ability, and task commitment/motivation. No single criterion or cut-off score is used to exclude a student from placement.  For example, teacher ratings may override poor test scores, and good normative information may outweigh negative teacher and/or parent ratings. No student will be discriminated against for any reason whether race, gender, or socioeconomic status.


Placement decisions are shared with parents and necessary district staff.  Parents receive placement decisions via letter, including information on how to appeal the committee’s decision. Before services can begin, parents must sign and return a permission to participate form to the GT coordinator.


Any instructionally useful information is shared with relevant parties regardless of placement decisions.  Participation in the GT program is is noted on permanent records and a GT file is maintained until the student graduates.