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Transportation Safety

School Bus


Our most important focus in transporting students to and from school is safety. Good conduct is necessary for a safe bus ride. The driver must concentrate on driving and the students should cooperate to help keep the bus safe and on schedule.

The District’s Student Code of conduct applies to students while traveling to and from school or to and from a school activity to the same extent as if the students were on school grounds. Appropriate disciplinary actions may be taken against commuting students who violate the District’s Student Code of Conduct.

The preceding paragraph also applies to student conduct while on school buses. Students shall be instructed in safe riding practices. The driver of a school bus shall not operate the school bus until every passenger is seated. In addition to the other disciplinary measures provided for violations of the District’s Student Code of Conduct, the student’s bus transportation privileges may be suspended or terminated for violations of the Student Code of Conduct related to bus behavior.

Students who pose an unsafe threat to themselves or others, or who refuse to abide by the rules may be suspended from riding the bus on a temporary or permanent basis. Bus drivers will turn into the school administrator’s office discipline reports on those students who fail to obey the bus rules.

The transportation to and from school of students who have lost their bus transportation privileges is the responsibility of the student’s parent or guardian.

The following disciplinary penalties will result from bus infractions occurring over the course of the school year:
1st Offense: Warning with notice to parents
2nd Offense: Corporal punishment implemented at principal’s discretion or 3 day bus suspension. NOTE: Corporal punishment can be implemented multiple times if principal deems this a viable and working solution.
3rd Offense: Conference with parents and 5 day bus suspension
4th Offense: Conference with parents and 10 day bus suspension
5th Offense: Conference with parents and bus privileges suspended for the remainder of the semester with a minimum 20 day suspension.

**The nature of the infraction may result in more severe consequences. Parents will be notified in a timely manner of the suspension so as to be able to provide alternative transportation. Absences from school during bus suspension because of a lack of alternative transportation will be unexcused absences.


The School Bus Driver - There must be an attitude of respect and cooperation on the part of each student toward the bus driver. 1. The driver of the school bus is responsible for the safety of all students riding on the bus. 2. The driver has the same responsibility as a teacher in controlling discipline. 3. The first duty of the passengers is to obey the drivers directions promptly and cheerfully. 4. The driver must concentrate on driving the bus and any distraction may cause him to have an accident.