Welcome to the Hackett School District

Hackett School District Campus is located on the western border of Arkansas in Sebastian County approximately ten miles south of Fort Smith. The campus is physically located in the city of Hackett but the district also includes the city of Bonanza. It is 30 square miles in size and currently has an enrollment of 615 students in kindergarten through the twelfth grade.

The original building on the current campus was built in 1930-31 and is referred to as Old Main. It currently houses an auditorium, high school counseling offices, and seven classrooms. The first campus was located on the western side of town and was a three story rock building built around 1895 and served approximately 250 students.

The current K-12 campus is located at 102 North Oak Street in Hackett, Arkansas. The elementary consists of an administration, counseling, and nurses offices; K-6 media center, computer lab, gymnasium, tornado safe room, twenty two classrooms, and playground. The high school consists of an administration and counseling office; 7-12 media center, two computer labs, twenty four classrooms, vocational agriculture building, band building, gymnasium/fieldhouse, and three athletic fields. The cafeteria, band/music building, tornado safe room, and art classrooms are shared by the elementary and high school. The central administration office is located on the high school side of the campus in the Jim Porter Annex.

Hackett School District students are also served by the University of Arkansas, Fort Smith (UAFS) and the Western Arkansas Technical Center (WATC) located on the UAFS campus. Students in the eleventh and twelfth grades attend classes both on the UAFS and WATC campuses, and online to receive concurrent credit.

The Hackett School District Mission

Believing all students can learn, Hackett Public Schools will establish a well-developed educational program with emphasis in literacy and math that will network the teacher, students, parents and community with technology and resources necessary to compete successfully in life.


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